One Room Challenge- Week 1

It’s that time of the year again. The One Room Challenge is officially upon us, and frankly I’m thrilled to be participating. This time I plan on tackling our front room. Our front room is essentially a multi-purpose room. It houses our office, our piano, doubles as a secondary sitting room when I’m trying to have an adult conversation with friends, and my child refuses to shut off the Xbox in the living room and let me do just that. This room serves a lot of different purposes for such a small space.

While the room is technically “fine” I don’t really love it. The thing is- we don’t have a massive home. Our house is just over 1400 square feet, and I truly believe when you live in a small home it’s even more important to make every square inch count. I want every room in our home to be a gem. I want all of our spaces to beckon you in, to inspire, to make you curious about the story behind it. All that to say, I want this room to shine, so I’m going to do what I need to in order to fall in love with this space.


This room is awkward. It’s approximately 7’x20’. It is the room you walk into when you come in our front door. Originally, this was the front porch of the house, but was enclosed in the 80s. On one side of the door is the piano, and a couple of chairs where I sneak away from my husband and son when I have a girlfriend over for a glass (or two) of wine.


On the other side of the door is the office side. Nothing fancy, but over the years it’s just become a paper graveyard, and needs to be reworked.

As I said, the room is technically “fine” and a far cry from the state of it when we bought the house. (Do you want to see that? Brace yourself!)


I told you it was bad. They tried to say this was a third bedroom, which spoiler alert- It’s not! That being said, since we don’t have a guest bedroom, we have always talked about putting a daybed in here. This room is flooded with natural light, and is the best room to grab a book and hang out, and watch the rain fall, or snow in the winter, and I’ve been dreaming of a daybed here for YEARS. Having that would also mean we could have a place (not in our living room) to house any overnight guests.

I’ve got big plans for this space, and all I can say is I have visions of emerald green in our future. Stay tuned next week for all the design plans!




Master reveal

I'm the worst. At least I'm the world's worst blogger. I haven't revealed the master, because in truth, it still doesn't feel "done" to me. I cannot figure out what to hang on the walls. 

But it is "done" for now, and one of these days I'll find some beautiful, old guilded paintings to hang in there... maybe. I haven't decided. It will probably be ostentatious though... let's be honest about that.

After months of curating this space, things are coming together.

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