About Victoria

Hi y’all! I’m Victoria. I’m feisty and fierce, and warm and bubbly all at once… kind of like a good Aperol spritz! I love design wholeheartedly. I believe a home should be a reflection of it’s inhabitants, and good design should be accessible to all of us… not just those who can afford to hire professionals! I think the best homes are the ones that tell stories. The homes that spark curiosity, and inspire us to ask questions and ask for the stories behind the design.

I’m not inspired by the big fancy houses designed by professionals, that can sometimes feel a bit sterile. With enough money, anyone can do that… No, I’m inspired by the DIYer. The people getting their hands dirty. Those who aren’t afraid to take chances. Those who have the vision and fortitude to see a home that might be scary, and have the grit and determination to make her shine. If that sounds like your cuppa tea, join me! We’ll have fun here!

XO -Victoria