One Room Challenge- Week 2

I feel like a massive slacker this week. We were supposed to have accomplished so much this week, and I don't feel like we are where we were supposed to be. 


After entirely too much indecision I settled on a paint color. I  picked Temptation by Benjamin Moore. It's a dark charcoal grey (almost black) with just a slight blue undertone. 

I finished painting and caulking the trim (Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore). Have I mentioned how much I hate that job?


 I did manage to get the walls painted, but I feel like that's all I accomplished on my to-do list this week. I've had some set backs with the skim-coat guy, and had every intention of hanging crown molding last night, but we put it up and realized how small it looked by itself compared to our baseboards. We had a spare baseboard we flipped upside-down to place on the wall to bulk up the crown, and very quickly realized that was what needed to be done. We're opting to do things right rather than get them done quickly. That may causes delays, but the 5 inch crown by itself didn't look balanced with the baseboards, so we're beefing up the crown.

Once the crown is installed I think we're going to paint it the same color as the walls, but in a satin or semi-gloss rather than eggshell to draw the eye just a bit. I'm contemplating painting the ceiling the same color too. I've been really drawn to the drama of rooms with matching ceilings. We'll see.

Also, the dresser is in the bedroom staged because I had to photograph it to sell it. I found an antique dresser at one of my favorite local furniture stores. We've talked for a long time about how we needed a tall chest of drawers in this room rather than the long dresser we have. I wanted to be able to put a better sitting area in the room, and with the huge size of our old dresser it was time to part ways.

Next week I hope to have the ceiling and crown done and painted, as well as get a jump on our floors.

They are in desperate need of some TLC.

Until next week!