Master reveal

I'm the worst. At least I'm the world's worst blogger. I haven't revealed the master, because in truth, it still doesn't feel "done" to me. I cannot figure out what to hang on the walls. 

But it is "done" for now, and one of these days I'll find some beautiful, old guilded paintings to hang in there... maybe. I haven't decided. It will probably be ostentatious though... let's be honest about that.

After months of curating this space, things are coming together.


There are still some things I'd like to do in here. I've been on the hunt for fabric for drapes for ages, and nothing feels right (this is the problem when you have a very specific vision for what you want.) at the moment. 

My favorite part of this room are all the special, little vignettes that are full of sentimental bits and bobs. I love incorporating stories with the pieces I select. I'm always trying to be very intentional with the choices I make when designing spaces.


My nightstand is just pretty, and full of subtle, yet intentionally sentimental touches. I included natural elements like a zebrawood and burled walnut frame to house our wedding portrait, as well as a shadow box that houses our vows with coral on top that reminds me of the time I spent living in Jamaica. And I love having fresh tulips that always make me think of my Dutch family. I've also placed the tiniest, antique jewelry box I've seen to house my jewelry at night. I found a pair of them at a local antique store (410 vintage, if you're local), and the floral motif matched a bigger silver jewelry box I already owned so I snagged it immediately. 


My husband's side is a little more restrained. There are books he read growing up, and a pretty silver clock from Homegoods, as well as a julep cup housing eucalyptus as a nod to his Kentucky upbringing. There is also a shadow box (Target) housing some of his watches, as well as a photo of our son in a similar frame to the one on my side. I think both nightstands balance each other quite well, kind of like Patrick and I balance one another.


Our dresser mostly houses my jewelry on top- both in an antique, silver jewelry box I picked up years ago when Patrick and I were at an antique store (with velvet lining! Silver and velvet... two of my favorite things), and a blue, glass hand I picked up years ago at 410 vintage. (I feel like there is a running theme...) 


Sandwiched between two chairs is an old sewing machine table (with machine) we inherited when Patrick's grandmother passed away this year. When we first got it my husband smiled so big, because it still smelled like her house. We both are sentimental saps at heart, so having tangible pieces in our home from loved ones brings both of us joy.  


On top of the table are some of my favorite design and lifestyle books, as well as a wedding snapshot in a silver frame we were gifted as a wedding present. The tiny sister box to the one on my nightstand is there, along with a chinoiserie vase I picked up at Homegoods, and a horse bust as another nod to the horses on my husband's family's farm in Kentucky. 


There are still things I'd like to do in here. Eventually, I'd like to incorporate some beautiful moldings on the walls. I'd like to find fabric for draperies that I love, and maybe one day find and hang some art, but for now I am content with this space. When the world feels crazy, I can retreat in here and it feels like a safe (and somewhat luxurious) cocoon.